What People Are Saying

Many of these boys have never had a strong father figure to guide them. Now, our boys are finally receiving the attention that they’ve always needed from a positive male role model. I’m excited to see what this program does for the boys, mentors, and families directly impacted. The results are bigger than just one boy. The entire community will be changed by building confident, responsible, and focused boys which will later become the kind of husbands and fathers that our world needs.
— Angela Baldwin
For the Boys has the potential to make big changes, not just in Nairobi, but across the globe. I had the opportunity to meet some of the boys and their mentors and was beyond impressed with their maturity and ambition. These are men and children who are ready to change the world.
— Laura Gibbons

Our Partners


We are partnered with an organization called Chosen Children of Promise. 

Learn more about them at www.ccpkenya.org