There are currently over 300,000 children on the streets of Kenya.

That number is growing.

Most of that number is made up of BOYS.

For The Boys exists to intervene in the lives of at-risk boys to prevent them from ending up on the streets in Kenya, Africa through mentorship, extra-curricular activities, and camps.

Why is the number of boys on the streets growing?


1. A lack of resources.

2. Single-parent homes and absentee fathers.

3. A lack of direction and hope for the future.


What are we doing to stop this number from growing?

A need for prevention...

For The Boys is intervening in the lives of boys before they run away to the streets. 

A need to focus on boys...

While the street child problem has disproportionately affected boys, there are little to no organizations that focus on boys specifically.  


We currently have 25 adolescent and teenage boys in our program.

Our boys have faced the unimaginable challenges that many young boys in Kenya are expected to overcome with little to no support from a positive male role-model.

Like many young men in Kenya, they all have big dreams and incredible potential. 

We have the opportunity to stop the trend that leads boys like them to believe there is no hope for their future.  


We currently have 15 dedicated and trained mentors. 

Each mentor has a story of their own in which they can relate to the challenges our boys are facing.

Each mentor has expressed that they wish a program like this existed when they were young boys. 

Each mentor is commited to investing in the next generation of men in their country.

2018 Schedule

January - December: Mentorship Program

January - March: Mentor Training 

July: Mentor Counseling Training

August: Boys Wilderness Outing

November: Soccer Tournament

December: Boys Camp

2019 Schedule Coming Soon...