“The boy child is an endangered species in Africa.”

-Kenyan Aid Worker



  • Nearly half of the homes in Kenya are single-mother homes, and the number of men abandoning their families continues to increase. Hundreds of thousands of boys are growing up without a father and/or a positive male role-model.

  • The academic performance of boys across the country is steadily declining.

  • There are more than 500,000 children living on the streets of Kenya, and the vast majority of that number is made up of boys. Life on the streets for these boys consists of crime, drug-use, illness, and abuse.

  • Despite the efforts to empower women, the rates of men sexually and physically abusing women and girls continue to increase.

  • The number of programs and organizations specifically addressing the challenges boys are facing remains exceptionally low.


For The Boys exists to break the cycle of abuse, abandonment, and addiction among boys and men in Kenya by intervening in the lives of at-risk boys and building resilience, hope, and integrity in them.

What are we doing?

We are building resilience and good character in at-risk boys through life-changing mentorship relationships and camp experiences.

A Need for Prevention:

Our Camps and Mentorship program are focused on prevention by intervening early in the lives of boys - we are working with boys that fit the profile of being “at-risk” based on our at-risk indicators:

  • Growing up with an absent or abusive father

  • Poor performance in school

  • Exposure to or involvement in life on the streets - crime, drug use, sleeping on the streets

Our programs are designed to promote resilience in boys and to help them face the challenges in their lives without giving up and running away, or perpetuating the abuse and neglect that they’ve experienced.


We have 42 boys in our program ranging from ages 7 to 18.

All of our boys are growing up in the slums of Kenya in homes with absent or abusive fathers. They face unimaginable challenges with little to no support from a positive male role-model. 

Without intervention, they are on-track to continue to cycle of boys running away and giving up on their futures, and growing up to be men that neglect or abuse their families.

Each of them has been paired with a male mentor that meets with them regularly to help them navigate the challenges they are facing. 

The change we are seeing in our boys:

  • Acknowledgement of the impact of the lack of a positive male role-model on their lives, and an expressed desire to break the cycle of fatherlessness in their communities.

  • Understanding of the importance of continuing their education and a desire to stay in school and to work harder in their classes.

  • Belief that they have options - that they have the capacity to overcome the obstacles in their lives without running to the streets and giving up on their lives.

  • A desire to treat women with respect and dignity.

  • Belief that they matter. That the world needs men of good character and integrity. That they can be those men.


We have 22 amazing mentors and each is committed to investing in the next generation of men in their country. Each mentor has a story of their own in which they can relate to the challenges our boys are facing, and they’ve said they wish this program existed when they were boys.